Three Reasons Why a Wedding Planner Can Relieve You Of Stress

There’s an interesting mix of feelings that come with planning for your own wedding. On one hand, there’s a tangible excitement about the life-changing event. Then there’s the anxiety and stress that comes from the wish to see everything work out perfectly. There are several ways to deal with this. First, you can start planning early enough. Secondly, you can get a team to help you with the planning details. Also, you can choose to hire an expert to handle all the hard work for you! Sounds like a plan, right? But before you jump right into it, why should you consider working with a wedding planner?


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One of the biggest reasons why a wedding planner is a great resource is their experience. For you, it may be your first time to be fully immersed in the details. But a wedding planner knows everything like the back of their hands. And no, for them, planning a wedding is not drudgery, its a delight


Their job is a continuous process of handling and solving all sorts of problems. Wedding planners will think about the possibility of something going wrong and preventing it ahead of time. They have got your back and will guide you along the way.

When picturing your ideal wedding, a million ideas come to mind – usually unconnected ideas. With access to platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs, we see a world of opportunities and it makes it more difficult to know what we want and where to start.

A wedding planner will help you bring the wedding of your dreams to life, by getting to know you, capturing your vision, and putting every piece together in perfect harmony. Getting your questions answered by these professionals will provide you with peace of mind. And that is the key to success. Read more at Luisquintana Studio


New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

Another reason why working with a wedding planner is a good idea is that you get more than one person on your team. Wedding planners know other service providers, so you don’t have to go around shopping for each one separately. And if you’re lucky, you may land some good discounts.

Double Down on Vendor Discounts

For Megan and Clint Rorie, hiring Simply XO for their upcoming vow renewal a year after their micro-nuptials was a no-brainer. Not only did having a team of professionals give Megan some extra support as her husband tours for work, but it also helped curb price-gouging, which was something the bride knew was inevitable.

“​​Most vendors we worked with had between a 10 to 15 percent discount for us because we were using this planner,” Megan explains. “This doesn’t feel like much, but when you’re booking things that are thousands of dollars, it really adds up.” Read more at Brides


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The main joy killer on your wedding day must be the anxious feelings that turn your tummy into a hole full of butterflies. Your concern for the details could very easily steal the color from your face too. But with a wedding planner, you’ll be sure all you wanted to see is taken care of.

For A Relaxed Mind On Your Wedding Day

Knowing that you’re not stressing friends and family by checking to see that every detail is under control is something to keep your mind at peace.

Your wedding vendors don’t have to come to you for inquiries and other essential questions because your wedding coordinator will handle them all.

● For A Smooth Wedding Morning

Most brides experience more anxiety than excitement on the mornings of their wedding days, mainly because they’re still planning on their big day.

A wedding coordinator helps avert this anxiety. Because you know there’s an able hand overseeing your wedding day timeline, you’ll sail through your morning and be in excellent spirit for your ceremony. Read more at Orchard View

You really have everything going for you when you choose to work with a wedding planner. Then you can focus on being the perfect-looking bride and groom by visiting us at the New York Bride and Groom of Columbia salon. We have all you are looking for. Wedding gowns, plus-size dresses, custom suits, accessories, and even Boho styles to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Visit us today!