Three Informative Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

When you talk about weddings, it is not easy to avoid talking about flowers. They create beauty and a romantic ambiance for any wedding. This means that a wedding florist is one important person at your wedding. You should be able to choose one that is experienced, creative, and that will work with your budget perfectly.

As you choose and narrow down which florist to work with, you need to have some thoughts and questions in mind to ask the florist. Here are three informative questions to ask;


Beautiful Bride

Pictures are more than a thousand words, Your florist should be able to provide you with pictures of past work. From this, you can get a sense of their aesthetic and sense of style. Be sure to check out the florist’s best work, to have an idea of what they can deliver on your wedding day.

The best way to get an accurate idea of their specific style or variety of work is by looking through their portfolio. A florist’s portfolio will include photos (and sometimes information) from previous events they’ve done. In most cases, this will be other weddings and similarly-sized events. More often than not, you can find a digital version of a florist’s portfolio on their website. However, asking to view their work in person provides them with the opportunity to show you things that aren’t online and may be of specific interest to you. When looking through a portfolio, take your time. Pay attention to the details and ask questions regarding the work you’re seeing and how it might translate in your wedding. Read more from Zola

If they can provide you with a digital portfolio from their website then that can be even better.


If you have no idea what type of flowers to go with, worry not. That is why you are seeking the advice of a specialist, ask all the flower questions you want. From the style and theme of your wedding, they should be able to point you towards the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Talented florists can accommodate any and all floral ideas. However, Richard recommends asking them for their overall floral design recommendations for your wedding based on the venue, season, theme and wedding color scheme. Their answer will help you better understand their level of expertise and figure out if you’re both on the same page.

This is the part where you can break out your Pinterest board and show examples of specific designs you’d like to recreate. “After sharing your vision with your florist, allow them to provide their professional insight on achieving the most remarkable result,” Richard says. “Be sure to express your expectations, understand theirs of you, and trust them as the professional you sought out to bring your vision to life.” Read more from the knot

You can also ask about other decor stuff that can go well with the flowers, for instance, types of vases and table linens.


As you plan your wedding, you most probably have set aside some money for flowers. There are instances however where you have no idea how much to budget for your flowers. This is something to ask your florist. A good florist should give you a rough estimate for how much to set aside.

Before you set a floral budget, consider how important flowers are to your big day. This will determine how much you want to spend. Florals tend to feature in most of your photographs and they help to tie in your colour scheme and styling. Flowers also set the scene for your guests. I would recommend allowing for around 10% of your wedding budget but it really is a very personal choice.

There is often a common misconception that flowers are expensive. However, there is a huge amount of time that goes into the preparation side of being a florist. Consider the consultations, emails, proposal, flower order, flower conditioning, designing and the making of the arrangements. Read more from Florish and Grace

What you are looking for is a florist who can work within your budget as well so that you do not overspend on flowers.

Your wedding day should be as perfect as you dream it to be, from flowers to venue to dressing. New York Bride and Groom of Columbia is here for you to help make your dream wedding gown a reality. Reach out to us today.