Printing Techniques For Wedding Invitation Cards

Designing a wedding card can be a fairly easy process compared to choosing the printing style. Your choice of printing technique depends on the type of paper you have chosen. But then, what options of printing techniques for your invitation cards do you have?

Not many people know about printing, most minds go blank. Not to worry, you are not alone in that. Here are a few common printing techniques to choose from;


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High-end techniques of engraving add a hint of luxury to your wedding invitation cards. The letters and images appear raised on the front and indented on the back because of a metal plate used.

Engraving is the process which involves raising the text fonts on the paper, it usually done on the paper from back side. The text is etched on the plate which is generally made of copper or some other alloys using a negative and then the paper is pressed between the weights and the plate.  This sandwich technique creates letters and other design to be engraved on the sheet. This is classic way of making wedding invitations and it is fairly a speedy process which doesn’t involve a lot of time for completion of order, once the block is made for the desired text to be printed on the paper the printer can finish this in a week time. This is also a costly technique but the end result comes out a very beautiful. This technique becomes a little effective when there is to print a lot of wedding cards. Read more from Voguish wedding invitations

It is costly due to the custom-made metallic plate that is used for printing the card.


This is a popular technique where ink is fused with raisin powder using heat. It can give a metallic feel if you would want without adding foil to it.

Next up is UV, a newer technology well suited for acrylic and thermographic printing. The effects of these heat-based methods are the same: a slight plasticine shine to raised lettering for plays on light. Montgomery’s couples love the flexibility of thermography, as it’s great for all types of paper and is available in a tremendous range of colors, including metallic hues. “If you want a metallic aesthetic but don’t want to pay for foil, this is an excellent alternative,” she suggests. “Lettering comes out crisp, but I would recommend combining this with flat printing if you want to incorporate line drawings, like an outline of the church, since fine details may become lost with the thickness of the ink.” Read more from Brides

It is great for many types of paper thus making it a very commonly used technique.


With this type of printing, one stamps ink into a soft cotton paper so that the ink is absorbed. It gives a soft romantic feel making it one of the most loved techniques by couples.

Letterpress printing is a luxurious printing method that leaves a physical impression in the paper. First, a plate is made of your design. Then, your ink color of choice is rolled onto the plate by an antique letterpress machine. Finally, the machine presses the plate into your paper leaving the ink impression behind.

Letterpress is great for line art like a venue illustration or vintage monogram!

The drawback to letterpress is that it is much more expensive than digital printing. Each ink color used has to have its own plate, and the plates can be pretty pricey.

By the way, this is my favorite printing method! The pillowy impression is absolutely stunning to see and feel. The process is centuries old. So, you can guarantee it’s not going to go out of style! Read more from Abundant wedding invitations

It usually gives a vintage vibe to the cards because of the indented edges.

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